The Open-dbExpress project is a home for Open Source dbExpress drivers.

dbExpress as cross-platform data access technology developed by Borland for its Kylix, Delphi and C++ Builder products. It takes the best ideas from the BDE (Borland Database Engine), Borland ADOExpress, and other technologies such as Microsoft ADO.

Note -- dbExpress drivers can only be used with Borland products, specifically: Borland Kylix (for Linux); Borland Delphi version 6 and above (for Microsoft Windows); Borland C++ Builder version 6 and above (for Microsoft Windows).

Currently there is only one Open Source dbExpress driver available here, dbxoodbc (also called DbxOpenOdbc), a dbExpress driver for ODBC.

The latest version is only available from the project CVS repository. If you do not already have a CVS client installed, the recommended client is TortoiseCVS, available here. TortoiseCVS is a user-firendly CVS client which integrates into Windows explorer as a shell extension. Other users have also obtained the source by downloading individual files from the CVS repository, without needing to install any CVS client software, but this is not recommended since you will need to download each source file individually, and you may get Unix-style line breaks instead of Windows-style line breaks.

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